Saturday, March 18, 2017

Another Cold Saturday

Today, while it was a little warmer outside than yesterday on our way to Kensington Market it began to snow. Thankfully it wasn't cold enough for the snow to stay on the ground but it made for a really pretty walk. After the market we decided to head down to the Home Show on at the Exhibition. We invited Mr.D and Mr.Z along but they had other plans today. Making our way by bus, the streetcars are not running on Bathurst, we wandered around looking at all the displays. I am always curious about any new house design, renovation or decorating trends and exploring what all the booths have to offer allows you see what is being offered. 

The one thing I was really impressed by was a smart home that Best Buy had setup up for their booth. They took all their smart products and had placed around the mockup of a home showing you what could be used where. It was a really neat way to showcase their retail products. At the same time we also found the salesmen who were assigned new how to communicate clearly about each product in the home. It was a really nice way to showcase their products. 

I also fell in love with an end table at a stone counter booth, that was made out of granite that they then lit from the inside creating a really effect. I would love something similar for our future living room. 

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