Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday Shopping

Because it was promising to be another really cold Sunday Mr.T and I decided to take the TTC up to Finch Station and then catch a VIVA bus to Vaughan Mills. While doing laundry on Friday Mr.T noticed that the pants I have been wearing for the past year had a hole in the crotch, which probably was making me colder than usual while for our walks. 

I purchased this particular pants, which are consist of zip-off shorts from Pro Bass last winter, especially for our cruise and found them really comfortable to wear. Because I am a little meatier than most, especially in my legs and thighs, I have had a hard time finding pants that fit. It has been especially hard since the rest of the world has focused on skinny pants and low rise waists that I can't even fit into. Even the clothes at Old Navy which used to fit have given into the skinny trend leaving me out in the cold for a place to by inexpensive pants. I knew that I could find something that would fit at Pro Bass because theyan American company that focuse on the hunter-fisher crowd. This means their clothes are more comfortable than fashionable, roomy rather than skinny, ensuring that I can always find something there that will fit. 

While it is a long trip there and back, consisting of a 2 subway rides and a long bus ride there and back it is worth it to find clothes I like. 

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