Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Cool Saturday

Yesterday because it was cooler than Friday after walking to the market for our dry goods Mr.T and I went for a short walk. While on Spadina Mr.L from Scotland called hoping we could meet up for coffee. Mr.T and I walked home and I walked up to Bloor Street to meet Mr.L for a short chat. We sat outside at Starbuck's on Bloor. He had never been in this part of town before and was surprised how busy it was. Across the way there were line ups for the Hot Docs film festival. After I walked him to the subway at Bathurst Street so he could go and pick up a car so he could drive to London to visit Mom. 

For dinner, I called Mr.T and we met at East of Brunswick, the pub on Spadina just south of Bloor that has some really nice black bean veggie burgers. The place was actually really busy which is a great sign that they will be there for awhile. We also tried their buffalo cauliflower bites, a vegetarian imitation of buffalo chicken wings, a bar staple. Soaked in a hot sauce and deep fried, they were really a pleasant surprise. Everything they serve has a slight twist on regular bar classics and I am pleased to say they will become our pub of choice. Making our way home we decided to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on iTunes. A prequel of sorts to the Harry Potter films, both Mr.T and I were really disappointed in the film. While its was great to see Colin Farrell playing yet another bad guy, he is so sexy, the film itself didn't seem to have any real cohesive narrative. It really was just thrown together to show of the talents of the CGI folks and was missing the naive charm of the early Harry Potter films. 

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