Saturday, April 01, 2017

A Saturday Walk

Construction at 410 Bathurst Street

After heading to the market today to pick up our dry goods and veggies for the week Mr.T and I went for a short walk south back through Kensington to the Home Sense on Spadina. From there we walked a little farther south to the Winners, then made our way west along King Street to Portland. We checked out the Winners at Queen and Portland and picked up some fish on sale at the Loblaw's before walking back home north on Bathurst. Although it was a grey, dismal day it was warmer than it has been and it was raining, the best you can hope for until warm, sunny, Spring days finally arrive. 

Our neighbours the leaning houses of Lippincott Street.

For dinner we wanted to head back out because the grey gave way to sun and when the sun is out we need as much as we can get. We walked up to Bloor Street searching for a place where Mr.T could have a burger and I could have something myself to eat. We tried Insomnia but there menu was really kind of boring. We then walked east along Bloor searching for something to strike our fancy. Sadly, nothing looked interesting. It seems Bloor Street is bereft of burger places where I could have a veggie option that didn't include cheese. Reaching Spadina we headed south and discovered a new pub, East of Brunswick that was previously a Firkin then a Shoeless Joe's. We had a look at their menu and decided to try it. 

The place is really a big warehouse with a bar in the centre and an assortment of tables, booths and bar tables facing Spadina and the inside walls. It is dark and kind of industrial in feel with lots of mismatched odds and ends suggesting remnants from assorted building projects. Intended for the student crowd it was loud as are all students places but they had a menu that had a black bean burger with guacamole that looked really good. The food was served in a manner that all restaurants try for now, with a sense of whismy on metal cooking pans with the fries in a metal cup, and for the price it was actually really good. Although the atmosphere will be too much with students I really liked the burger and the service was fast and attentive. 

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