Saturday, April 08, 2017

A Spring Day

This morning the sun was out and while it was still a little cool it was nice to have a clear, crisp day. Mr.T and I made our way to Kensington in the morning to pick up our dry goods and veggies for the week. After making our way home we decided to go for a little walk to the Canadian Tire at Yonge and Church Streets for some garden edging that Mr.T wants to put between the garden and the wooden fences to protect the fences from rot. We found a large roll of plastic that 40' long and 5" high that will probably work. We then walked home, enjoying the sun and the walk back.

After we then decided to try hanging the new sun shade I bought last week off of Amazon. We had a sun sail that I purchased a couple of years ago from Lee Valley, but the triangular shape never provided enough shade for the sitting area in the backyard. The new sail is similar in style, colour and tone but is 10' square rather than a large triangle. 

After wrangling with it and the cleats that came with it we were able finally to hang it off the upstairs deck and the two fences separating our backyards from our neighbours on each side. The square area covers most of the deck, so hopefully it will provide more shade than the triangle, but only time will tell. 

For dinner we decided to walk over to the pub, East of Brunswick, that we discovered last Saturday for a nice simple meal. Mr.T was craving one of their burgers and I decided to try their fish and chips. The food was delicious and the place was quiet enough without hoards of students that we were able to enjoy our meal. 

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