Thursday, April 27, 2017

Goodbye Ancestry

This week I finally finished transcribing the tax assessments I have in a database into a narrative form for my book. This also meant that the membership which I activated at the beginning of April can be canceled. The membership for one month is $ 19.95 and while it did allow me to double check some of the information I had already collected from the archives, and on occasion find other listings for some of the people in my assessments it was just to expensive to justify on a month to month basis. Ancestry has digitized only those documents they have access to or that they think would be of use to genealogists. This means that a lot of the documents I wanted to access just weren't available. Using it I also, discovered that there are far too many transcription errors between the actual handwritten documents and the databases which impedes any research. The only bonus was that I was able to connect with one particular family who lived in the neighbourhood in the 1940s and 1950s. One member of the family, who lived in Florida was actually an ancestry member and they had uploaded some really great photographs of their ancestors. After contacting her she then put me in contact with some of her cousins in Toronto, who actually lived on Lippincott Street and it was nice to hear the voices of some of the people who I only knew as unnamed children from the assessments. 

This morning because it was so beautiful out I decided after doing a little work on the book, and cancelling my membership to walk up to Loblaw's on Dupont to see if they had opened their garden centre yet. They were beginning to put out the hardier plants anticipating the flood of people wanting to have an early planting season. From there I walked south on Christie to Fiesta Farms where I picked up some more seeds and three dracaenas for the pot out front. It was nice to get out of the house on such a beautiful day for a much needed walk. 

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