Saturday, June 03, 2017

A Beautiful Saturday Walk

While the weather has been warming day by day for the past couple of weeks, every warm day was interrupted with lots of rainy moments. In an instant the weather could change from bright and sunny to wet and rainy. Today the rain stayed away all day allowing us to get out for a nice Saturday walk. After heading to Kensington in the morning for our weekly dry goods and veggies we decided to head to the Dundas West Street Festival between Ossington and Lansdowne. Street festivals give everyone, the businesses along the street and people an opportunity to walk around exploring the neighbourhood while sampling everything it has to offer. Because it stretched for the whole length of the Portuguese section of Dundas Street there was lots to see. I love street fairs, no matter where they are held. There is something so beautiful about the culture of street fairs and festivals, the people, the food, the shops and businesses all showing off their best. 

After exploring the street festival, Mr.T and I walked north on Dufferin Street to the Dufferin Mall. There I picked up some socks while trying to weave in an out of all the shoppers. It is an insanely busy place on the weekends. We then walked north to Bloor Street and headed east along Bloor before making our way home. For dinner we decided to head back up to Bloor Street for some tuna poke at our favourite hidden poke place, Big Tuna. While the place is never that busy we really like their bowls and it is perfect meal for a hot summer-like night. We then walked down to College Street to pick up some cider from the LCBO before heading home for a quiet night at home.

We decided to watch Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, a quirky Tim Burton take on Edward Gorey's ghastly children. It is filled with lots of Burton's peculiar touches, including beautifully designed scenes that reflect the lives of the characters. The bright, sunny, sterile world of Florida is contrasted with the deep, dark, creepy world of an island in Wales were the peculiar children live with their ward. I enjoyed the film much more than the Harry Potter Beastly film, especially the casting of everyone in the film, but still found that half way through the film I lost interest in all the twists and turns of the story. It really would have been much more interesting without all the battles and the hollows. 

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