Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Saturday Drive

This morning while shopping for our dry goods and veggies at Kensington Market, Mr.D and Mr.Z invited us out for a drive to St.Jacob's. It was promising to be such a beautiful day that it was the perfect day for a drive. While the markets didn't have a lot to offer because it is so early in the season, it was nice to walk around and see everything offered. Mr.T and I had a couple of fish sandwiches before we all made our way back into the car for the drive back to Toronto. 

Mr.T and I wanted to introduce Mr.D and Mr.Z to our new favourite pub, East of Brunswick on Spadina so we parked just a little south so they could try it out. Sadly, the place was packed and we arrived at the same time as a couple of loud, tables so they were not at their best. While our server was young and her inexperience showed it took forever for our food to arrive which didn't make the best impression on Mr.D and Mr.Z. I guess as the place becomes more popular we may have to think of other pub-like options. It was nice however, to spend time with Mr.D and Mr.Z and to get out of the city for the afternoon. The perfect way to enjoy a lovely, summery day.

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