Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Saturday Walk

Happy Pride

After making our way to Kensington market to pick up our dry goods and veggies for the week we decided to head over to Church Street. It was a beautiful, bright, sunny day and Church Street was closed for Pride Celebrations. Today was the women's march, and while we didn't stay for the parade we explored all the booths along Wellesley, Church and Alexander Streets. I love the feel of street fairs, and Mr.T loves seeing what he can score for free from all that the booths have to offer. 

After walking around we headed north to Bloor Street then west along Bloor to Christie. We then walked north to Fiesta Farms looking for some peppermint and mustard seeds for the garden. We wanted the peppermint to try and discourage rodents that come to forage in our garden and the mustard to plant at the end of the season for some green fertilizer. While the place usually has a huge selection of seeds, because it is later in the season they didn't have either peppermint or mustard. 

After a lot of walking we were tired and decided to head up to Big Tuna on Bloor for a light tuna poke for dinner. It was the perfect light meal for a hot, summery day, offering diverse flavours, textures and just the right amount of taste. We then made our way home to repot one of our plants, a palm into a larger pot, before settling in for a quiet night at home. 

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