Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Sunday Walk

Because today was threatening to rain later in the day Mr.T and I decided to go for a walk before the rain arrived. Heading down Bathurst Street we followed the sidewalk as it wound around Fort York coming out just south of Lakeshore Boulevard. There we followed the Martin Goodman Trail as it hugged the lake west to the entrance to the new Trillium Park that opened this week on the eastern end of Ontario Place. 

The park is really beautiful, taking the existing landscape and jazzing it up with lots of native plants and trees and lots of rocks suggesting typical Canadian topography. While it is all manufactured it was put together in a manner suggesting the landscape was just uncovered. There are a couple of trails that join together winding through the park on a couple of different levels. We followed the trail that followed the lake heading into the old, untamed section of Ontario Place, which hadn't yet been manicured. I really liked what the planners have done to the area and hope they carry it over to the older sections, integrating the existing parts of the old park into the new. I have always loved the futuristic styled buildings that sit on stilts above the lake and hope they remain. They would be lovely turned into restaurants and a selection of small scale retail venues. 

After walking around the entire grounds of the old amusement park, which has been reclaimed by nature we walked over the footbridge back to the C.N.E. grounds. We then walked a little north on Strachan, and spotted a trail that ran along Fort York, so we tried it and found ourselves back on the street that lay under the Gardiner that led us back to Bathurst Street, allowing us to head home. It was a beautiful walk on a sunny, Sunday morning. 

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