Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Drizzly Saturday

The view of downtown from the footbridge on Pape Avenue

After picking up our dry goods and veggies at Kensington Market Mr.T and I decided to head over to Gerard and Greenwood to check out the Festival of South India. After changing from a streetcar to a bus we walked the rest of the way to the festival and while we walked around it began to drizzle. I wanted to hit a Home Depot on the way back, so we walked west along Gerard to Gerard Square to check out the local Home Depot. Sadly, the place was a lot smaller than our usual place at the Stockyards and didn't seem to have a great selection. We were looking for some hex bolts (they didn't have enough), some hex nuts (they had none) and washers and some wood for legs. I have a collection of 2x4's left over from my rebuild of the workbench in the basement and I thought it would be great to use them to build myself a new, sturdier bed. All I needed was the hardware (nuts and bolts) and something for legs. I was hoping for some 4x4's but we couldn't find any. Frustrated we made our way up to Pape Street where we caught a bus back to Pape Station. We were going to head west on the subway to our Home Depot in the Stockyards but discovered that parts of the subway were not running for the weekend, so when it stopped at Broadview we decided instead just to walk home along Bloor. 

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