Monday, July 03, 2017

A Holiday Monday Walk

The rickety stairs leading down to Crothers Woods. 

Mr.T and I were up early this morning and decided to catch the subway over to Broadview Station. There we caught a bus up to Overlea and Millwood Avenue where got off the bus and walked a bit through an industrial park looking for the entrance to Crothers Woods. Hidden off of a really busy road a set of rickety stairs descended into the woods allowing us to explore this really wild section of the Don Valley. After wandering around a bit and coming to a dead end by the fence of a treatment facility we backtracked and found a trail that led us out to a more proper set of trails along the Lower Don. 
Walking through the woods. 

The downtown skyline from the woods. 

We wandered around a bit then eventually found a trail leading to a bridge over the Don allowing us to join up with the Lower Don Trail which followed the Don south to the lake. While sections were closed and under repair it didn't stop any of the cyclists or others using the trail so we followed their lead and kept going until we emerged from Corktown Commons. From there we walked north to Parliament Street, stopping for a drink and some samosas at the Sultan of Samosas on Parliament and Cole Street. 
Spotted on Wellesley Street. 

After a little snack we walked north to Wellesley making our way home, by catching a bus, because we were pooped at Yonge Street, completing a nice 7 kilometre walk on a lovely holiday Monday. 

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