Monday, July 24, 2017

A Monday Bike Ride

According to the weather folks it was supposed to rain later today, so I decided to make the most of the sun that was available for a morning bike ride. I rode down to Cherry Beach, then continued further east along the Martin Goodman Trail all the way to its end at Balmy Beach. There I turned around and my way back along the trail to Leslie Street where I crossed over Lakeshore to the north side of the trail. After crossing the Don River I biked a little bit on the lower Don Trail before exiting at the new Corktown Common. There I biked up to Queen Street, then to Parliament before making my way back home. All together I did 28.2 kilometres. 

Arriving home I decided to tackle the bed I have been wanting to build. After pulling apart the old workbench in the basement I was left with a bunch of 2x4's each 6" in length. Using two for the sides, I cut another into two pieces of 40" for the tops, screwed them together, added a cross brace and cut some pieces for legs at 12" each. I then used some plywood strips from the old bed to sit on top of the 2x4's and act as slats for the bed. In the end while it isn't perfect, I think it is a great little bed, built from extra wood. All I need now is to sand it down and paint it.

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