Thursday, July 13, 2017

A New Workbench



Because it was promising to rain all day today I decided to tackle the workbench in the basement, utility room. When we first moved into the house I built a workbench in the same area, but had to leave lots of room at the back where it met a host of electrical panels. Since we no longer use these particular items I was able to remove them, but that meant first dismantling my previous workbench which was built wit 2x4's as a top. Once I removed the panels we don't use I was able to mount some of the 2x4's onto the wall as a brace for the new workbench. I then made my out to Home Depot to by a sheet of 5/8" plywood that I had cut down for a new top. 

Making my way back home I then constructed a simple frame attached to the braces I built into the wall and attached a single leg from a left over piece of 6x6" we had in the backyard. Using the leg as a brace I tied more 2x4's into it giving me a really strong frame for the new plywood top. It looks great and will make working on it much easier. 

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