Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Saturday Walk

The trail leading down the ravine at Edward Gardens

Wilkot Creek as it winds through Edward Gardens

After making our way to Kensington Market this morning for our dry goods and veggies Mr.T and I decided to go for a walk. We caught the subway up to Eglinton Station, then caught the #54 bus to Lawrence and Leslie. There we walked through Edwards Gardens, discovering the trail that led south along Wilket Creek. Sadly, the trail was blocked off a little way along the trail and so we had to walk back up the ravine to Leslie Street and follow it south until it joined up with the other side of the trail. 

Descending down into the ravine we explored the trail as it followed the creek south through Wilket Creek Park, Serena Gundy Park and as the river crossed under Eglinton Avenue, E.T. Seton Park. We followed the Creek until it joined with the West Don River just west of Don Mills Road. We then followed the South Don Trail until it came out at Pottery Road. We then walked over to Todmorden Mills looking for some water and something to eat, before making our way up Pottery Road to Broadview Avenue. I had never actually been to Todmorden Mills and was a little disappointed because it was such a beautiful setting. The space was underutilizes and the city needs to use it in a more exciting way than it is currently being used. 

We were exhausted and decided to catch the subway home, proud of the long walk we explored on a beautiful, sunny, summery day. 

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