Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Crafty Day

Last week, because I had a little extra money I decided to order a Silhouette Portrait, a printer-like device that instead of printing cuts out all sorts of shapes and forms. For sometime I have wanted to replace the printed labels I have for all my pantry jars and reading about it online I discovered that this little device, and others like it, help create stencils that can be used to block off text that can then be etched with some glass etch. On Monday, the device I ordered from Amazon arrived and today I tried my experiment in glass etching. 

The process is a little complicated.
First you choose a font and style, then you feed a vinyl sheet that peels apart into the device. 

Once this comes out you then remove all the little pieces you want to etch from the stencil, then using something called transfer tape you lift the stencil and apply it to the place on the glass where you want to etch. 

Next you lift off the transfer tape, leaving the adhesive stencil in place. Then apply the glass etch to the surface you want etched. This you leave for a minute or two. Then wash it off with water, clean the glass and peel off the stencil and you have a newly etched pantry jar. While my first attempt isn't perfect, a jar for my sunflower seeds, I am happy with the results and can't wait to tackle everything else in my pantry. 

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