Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Dayz

The past couple of days we have had really warm, summery, sunny days. Today after yoga the guys from Bateman Bicycles called me letting me know my bike was ready to be picked up. So after walking from one end of town to the other I picked up my bike and rode it back home. I spent the rest of the day puttering around the house, cleaning up a little here and a little there. For dinner, I met Mr.T at our new favourite vegan Vietnamese place, Saigon Lotus on St.Andrew Street in Kensington Market. It was the perfect place for dinner on a really, hot, muggy, summery night. I had a couple of appetizers, including their fried tofu & tamarind, a "crab" rice roll and their delicious eggplant salad, while Mr.T had their caramel "chicken" on rice. We finished it off with one of their yummy strawberry shakes, made of crushed ice and strawberries which helped cool us down. 

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