Saturday, July 08, 2017

Visiting, Eating & Walking

After picking up our dry goods and veggies at Kensington Market we decided to go for a walk along Bloor Street to Dundas Street Station. There we caught the subway to Kipling, the end of the line, then boarded an express bus that took us north to Finch and Humberline Road. We walked a bit to visit Ms.R, Mr.J and the clan Ganev-Heer. Their two youngest daughters have grown so much and it was nice to see them so happy enjoying time with their grandmother and uncle. Ms.R and Mr.J took us out for lunch to an AYCE sushi place north of them that was really good. Located in a strip mall the place is small and you order with an iPad which made for a fun experience. It was nice to catch up over food and without all their children vying for their attention. 

After heading back to their Toronto home, Mr.T and I decided to follow the Humber West Trail which ran really near their house. Following the trail through a park led down to the Humber and we walked south following the river as it wound through a steep ravine that was filled with woods, wildlife and lots of local parks. After walking for 6 kilometres we came out at Albion Road and caught a bus south to Royal York Station. 

We decided to head to Saigon Lotus for dinner on St.Andrew Street. The vegetarian/vegan Vietnamese place has become our go to place for really yummy meals that never leave you feeling bloated or tired. After a lot of walking we made our way for a quiet Saturday night at home. 

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