Sunday, August 06, 2017

A Quiet Sunday

Today I spent a lazy Sunday at home because it was a cool morning that turned into a warmer day as the day developed. While lay around watching tv and playing in the garden, Mr.T headed out to Dufferin Mall. 

When he came home for dinner I was craving something hot and spicy, and because we couldn't find any hakka places nearby we decided instead to try a sichuan place on Spadina. Located on the west side of the street just south of Nassau Street, Si Chuan House is a small non-descript place. Featuring a few tables in the window and few more in front of a small bar in the back, with the kitchen behind it doesn't look any different from any of the other Chinese places on Spadina. Indeed, we had walked by it more times than I can remember without really every noticing it. 

They have an extensive menu featuring lots of familiar sichuan dishes and a few unique ones I had never seen before. Reviewing their menu, Mr.T decided on their cumin beef, which was a simple plate of fried beef with cumin and a few red peppers piled high. While I ordered their Kung Pao shrimp. We also had two dishes of steamed rice and one of their green onion pancakes. I always measure Kung Pao against the dishes I had in China. In China they were really simple, shrimp and peanuts cooked dry then glazed with a heaping pile of red peppers becoming one of my favourite dishes. Too often in Canada the dish is missing the sheer amount of peppers and is filled instead with lots of vegetables. Si Chuan's version featured shrimp and peanuts, that were cooked in the red pepper sauce, missing some of the flavour they acquire when cooked dry, but I was pleased to find a place that actually served one of my favourite dishes. 

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