Saturday, September 09, 2017

A Saturday Walk

This morning was a crisp and cool 9˚ when we made our way to Kensington Market for our dry goods and veggies for the week. After a quick sandwich at home we then decided to go fro a walk down the Home Sense and Winner's on Spadina before heading south on Spadina to Harbourfront. They were holding a vegetarian festival, with a lot of the veggie offerings located outside instead of inside the Harbourfront buildings. The day had warmed up enough to make it a really nice afternoon. There was a lot of offerings but most of it was stuff I have learned to make myself or vegan items that were over processed. The only thing that I was interested in was some corn fritters offered by a Vegan Thai restaurant. Although a small helping it was really yummy. After exploring the festival we made our way back home along Portland and Bathurst walking just over 9 kilometres. 

For dinner Mr.T and I decided to head back to King's Cafe in Kensington Market. While I was in London taking care of my Mum, I was craving yummy vegetarian food and was delighted to discover Zen Gardens on Dundas Street just east of Waterloo Street. Imagine my surprise when I discovered they were part of a chain that included King's Cafe, a local vegetarian place and that they had a really yummy mushroom curry that I had never tried in Toronto. So craving the curry that's we had for dinner tonight. 

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