Sunday, January 07, 2018

A Cold Weekend

Because of the winter bomb that hit the east coast this weekend was really col and crisp. After making our way to the market yesterday for our dry goods and veggies Mr.T and I hid away for the rest of the day, binging on Star Wars films and watching American Gods on Amazon Prime. Earlier in the week I ordered a couple of mounts for our new security cameras from Amazon and they gave me free shipping with a one month trial of Amazon Prime, which included access to their videos. So until I cancel it later this month, Mr.T and I are going to watch everything we want on their service. 

Because we decided to stay home all day we also pulled out the dryer in the basement and cleaned out the vent on the back and discovered we need a new flexible connection between the dryer and the vent. So this morning we made our way on a combination of buses and subways to the Home Depot at the Stockyards. There we picked up a new flexible vent and a couple of LED lightbulbs for our living room. We then walked over to the Stockyards and had breakfast at the Sunset Grill. The place is always busy and we were lucky to get a table quickly and were surprised to see that the service had improved. Mr.T had a platter with eggs, hash browns and turkey bacon while I had a toasted bagel and peanut butter. It was nice to have something warm on such a cold morning. After exploring the Winners and Home Sense, which are almost empty of stock after the holidays, we caught the bus back to the subway making our way back home to ride out the rest of the day away from the cold. 

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